In Lithuania, the quarantine coronavirus canceled from June 17

The Lithuanian government decided on 17 June to cancel the quarantine, but to keep the state of emergency declared at the state level because of the pandemic of coronavirus, reports Sputnik Lithuania with reference to the press service of the Cabinet.

"The quarantine regime will be abolished from 24.00 (same as GMT) June 16. The government also upheld the third (full commitment) level of preparedness of the civil protection system. The decision was taken at a meeting on Wednesday", - said the Agency.

As noted by Sputnik, at a meeting of the government was determined a time limit on crossing the state border, under which foreign nationals will be denied entry to Lithuania. Citizens and legal residents of all countries of the European economic area, UK, Northern Ireland and Switzerland may enter Lithuania if the number of cases COVID-19 in these countries within the last 14 days do not exceed 25 cases per 100 thousand population. An updated list of States will be published each week. Entry from third countries will be provided only in the case if there was a reciprocal agreement between the States about the reception of citizens. With Poland, the Lithuanian government decided to abolish border controls from June 12.

According to the Agency, in the field of education after the abolition of quarantine will only apply security requirements for events to be held during the summer. Trade in public areas, the work of institutions of public catering, restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs and other entertainment centers, casinos and slot machines halls for bingo and other activities should be organized and conducted in accordance with the requirements of the management of flows of people, maintaining a safe distance and use other necessary protective measures of health and hygiene.

"The activity of medical institutions should be arranged by regulating the flow of patients and visitors by rational distribution of infrastructure, material and human resources. Priority is given to remote provision of services and direct contact with the patient is possible only in case if the service cannot be provided remotely from the patient's condition or the need for more detailed surveys," adds Sputnik.

In Lithuania, the quarantine of coronavirus was introduced on 16 March, the government extended several times. The number of identified cases of infection with coronavirus in Lithuania is 1733, since the beginning of the pandemic recovered 1369, 74 died.

World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, the world is revealed more than 7 million infections, more than 404 thousand people died.

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