"Way to success": China shared the experience of combat COVID-19

China to this point "successfully stopped all distribution channels coronavirus infection". The country managed to curb the mortality from COVID-19 at a rather low level of 5.6%.

This is stated in the published June 7 the White paper "China's Actions to combat COVID-19", which summarizes the experience of conflict "the most serious epidemic crisis since the founding of people's Republic of China".

It is noted that China was five times revised and improved national response Protocol COVID-19 with the development of the situation. Focused on rapid response to every case of infection. Set out clear time requirements. So, every case of suspected COVID-19 was required to report within two hours. The results of the test for the coronavirus required to provide within 12 hours. To identify individuals who were in contact with a sick person, stood out no more than 24 hours.

Among non-medical disease control measures that proved high efficiency, marked limitation of mobility, strict social distancing, as well as the removal of the "first line of defense" in place, at the neighbourhood level, where it is still practiced to check the temperature and the availability of protective masks. An important measure for maintaining social stability during an epidemic called fight against speculation in food products and personal protective equipment. Observers agree that during the epidemic, China was able to effectively prevent speculative price increases on food and protective masks.

Special attention was paid to avoiding panic in the Wake of the spread of coronavirus. For this, the authorities have created an extensive multi-channel system of informing the population about the epidemiological situation. January 21 Goskomstat the China daily began to publish reports about the epidemiological situation in the country, from February 3, these reports began to translate into English and then into Russian, and most other common languages in the world. During the epidemic, the press office of the state Council of China held more than 160 press conferences, which was answered almost 1.5 thousand pressing issues.

The main advantage of the PRC in the fight against COVID-19 named the high country's ability to mobilize state and community resources to fight the crisis. So urgent mobilization of medical devices has reduced the time testing a new type of coronavirus from two days up to 4-6 hours. In the most affected by the epidemic Hubei daily the number of tests conducted has increased from 300 in January to 50 thousand in mid-April. The government urgently deployed 83 research programme to combat coronavirus infection. They have already borne fruit: in China, in clinical trials approved five vaccines and 10 medications from a new type of coronavirus. Was urgently developed and implemented treatment protocols COVID-19 using the means of traditional Chinese medicine, which was used in 92% of cases and has proved effective even in the healing of patients in serious and critical condition.

The state was able to mobilize Finance, in a short time gathering of 162.5 billion yuan (about 23 billion dollars) to fight the virus. By these means, the country managed to ensure 100% availability of treatment for coronavirus infection. Was introduced the principle of "first treatment, then payment" and many were treated completely free of charge. In this state, the Chinese spent a lot of money. The average size of the bills from COVID-19 for China is 23 thousand yuan (3 million dollars), while in severe cases, the cost can reach 150 thousand (21,5 thousand dollars), and a critical million yuan (143 thousand dollars). It is noteworthy that all the 100 of thousands and millions of accounts, the Chinese government has covered completely.

Quickly to fight the virus was mobilized representatives of the civil service. So, in the heart of the epidemic – the city of Wuhan in January-February was sent to 346 medical teams consisting of 42.6 thousands of workers. In just 10 days, the city had deployed 16 temporary hospitals in 14 thousand beds. Across the country to check the temperature and detection of suspected cases were swiftly mobilized 4 million employees of the district councils. Mobilized production of protective masks, the daily volume of which increased from 5.86 million at the beginning of February to 200 million by the end of April.

High capacity for mobilization and prompt response to epidemic threat has allowed China to overcome a hitherto unknown virus in four months. The White paper notes that from 29 April, the PRC switched from the "people's war" with COVID-19 in the mode of "prevention and control" of the disease. By the time it became obvious postepidemic and the revival of the national economy. By the end of April was reactivated 99% of large enterprises, 88,4% of medium, small and micro enterprises. Resumed the implementation of 95% of the projects of national importance.

From the pages of the White book of China thanked the international community for support in the most difficult moment of the distribution COVID-19. Humanitarian assistance to China in the most difficult time was provided by 77 countries and 12 international organizations. However, China itself is in debt does not remain. China has provided humanitarian aid to 150 countries and four international organizations, sent 29 medical teams to support the most affected from infection countries. In the midst of the pandemic, China has not stopped exports of medical equipment and means of protection, from 1 March to 31 may put abroad more than 70 billion masks 340 million anti-plague suits, 115 million pairs of safety glasses, 225 million sets for testing COVID-19 and over 40 million infrared thermometers. Moreover, China has taken a number of initiatives for financial support of victims of coronavirus in the poorest countries. For this purpose, the PRC in the next two years will allocate 2 billion dollars. China has also suspended external debt service 77 poorest countries to reduce their financial burden. This assistance is provided "without any political background and without the pursuit of geopolitical interests", the authors of the report.

The authors of the White paper conclude that "solidarity and cooperation – the most effective weapon to combat the pandemic coronavirus infection". They again called on the international community to close ranks to combat COVID-19 and to stop using the pandemic as a pretext for settling scores with political opponents. "We are strongly against politicization COVID-19. The common enemy of mankind is a coronavirus infection and is not a separate country or race. China calls on the international community to abandon prejudice, search for "scapegoats" and politicization of the virus. We need to strengthen solidarity, cooperation and responsibility – the only way we will succeed in defeating the pandemic," reads the document.

Experts called for removing political, economic and humanitarian lessons from the current pandemic in order to more effectively counter future crises in global health. The authors of the White paper put forward a number of proposals to strengthen global health systems, global immunity to new diseases and associated problems. They called for universal recognition of the principle that "human life is above all", the creation of a stable international mechanisms for epidemiological monitoring, early warning, joint response and prompt collection of funds to fight global challenges in healthcare. "China calls for building a global community overall health," summarize the authors of the White paper.