The Kalmykia Prosecutor's office filed a case of abuse of ex-Minister

The Prosecutor's office of Kalmykia has directed to court criminal case concerning the former Minister for land and property relations, accused of abuse of office.

"The Prosecutor of the Republic of Kalmykia adopted the indictment in a criminal case against the former Minister for land and property relations of the Republic. He is accused of committing two episodes of crimes under part 2 of article 285 of the criminal code (abuse of official powers)", - stated in the message.

A criminal case was initiated on materials of public Prosecutor's check.

According to investigators, the accused in 2016, "from selfish motives" issued a decree according to which movable property owned by the Republic, was illegally transferred in the municipal property Yashaltinskogo district municipalities, and subsequently alienated in favor of third parties.

In addition, according to the investigators, the official in the spring of 2017 with violation of requirements of legislation on protection of competition concluded with officials of the BU RK "technical inventory Bureau" of the state contract to perform surveying work with a total cost of 4.9 million, partially paid in 2015 in the framework of a previously signed and executed the state contract, causing the regional budget a damage for the specified sum.

The criminal case materials sent to the Elista city court for consideration on the merits.