The Railways introduced discounts in the reserved seat coupe and passengers over 60 years

The holding company Russian Railways in June 2020 introduces discounted tickets in reserved seat and compartment, and passengers over 60 years the company.

Earlier in the press service of Russian Railways, RIA Novosti reported that the company expects growth in demand from passengers to travel by rail in Russia after the COVID and plans to stimulate him, including discounts on the tickets. "Until the end of June on the seat in a car with reserved seats can be purchased with 30% discount," reads one of the messages. We are talking about the second-class carriages on all trains departing on domestic routes from 10 to 30 June 2020 inclusive. Discount is given on the upper seat (34, 36) and the upper side space (38 to 54).

It is noted that the conditions do not apply for the issue of tickets for travel of organized groups of passengers and organized groups of children, as well as when purchasing tickets at the child fare.

Another discount promotion applies to tickets for travel "there and back". When purchasing tickets in the direction "back" passengers receive a 20% discount. "The promotion is valid while simultaneously issuing travel documents in a compartment of trains in domestic traffic in the period from 22 to 27 June", - stated in the message.

Conditions do not apply to the purchase of tickets for organized groups of passengers and organized groups of children, when issuing travel documents for a child fare for a special ticket FSS, the FIU, USZN, as well as for military and railway transportation requirements.

"From 15 to 25 June, passengers over 60 years will be able to purchase tickets in compartment cars of trains of distant following with 20% discount. To travel in the trains of formation of JSC "FIC" (subsidiary of JSC "RZD"), plying on domestic routes in the period from 22 to 27 June 2020," says another message of the Russian Railways.

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