In Latvia abolished the state of emergency on coronavirus

The government of Latvia on Wednesday has lifted the state of emergency, which operated in the country since March 17 due to the spread of COVID-19.

Three months ago, immediately after the Declaration of state of emergency, Riga resembled a Ghost town. In the center it was possible to go through dozens, and sometimes hundreds of meters without encountering a single person. In the final weeks before the abolition of emergency Riga already practically does not differ from what it was before the pandemic. The streets are again filled with people, and on roads jams were formed.

Unlike many other EU countries in Latvia was introduced strict quarantine measures. The outer borders were closed, but the inner – EU – remained open all this time. However were stopped all international passenger transport, which significantly reduced movement within the EU.

The country closed schools and universities, prohibited events, a significant portion of workers in the private and public sectors have switched to remote mode, the binding was the distance between us in two meters.

Then was put a mask mode in transport: this restriction remained in force after the cancellation of the emergency mode. Preserved and other restrictions: social distancing in the two meters and the restriction on the holding mass events. Now, they are not prohibited, but the premises may gather no more than 100 people, and on the street - not more than 300.

For emergency response there were no requirements on the closure of cafes and restaurants, but the premises had to abide by several limitations. In particular, the visitors could not sit next to each other: the distance had to be at least two meters. Now in cafes and restaurants you can sit the same as before the pandemic.

Many cafes and restaurants closed for the period of emergency, arguing that it is profitable. For example, Latvia's largest network of public catering, the Lido took the decision on temporary cessation of work because they feared for the health of their employees. Now she has resumed work.

Begin slowly to revive and concert halls, for example, after the break, resumed organ concerts in the dome Cathedral. Because in Riga there are almost no tourists due to the long-distance passenger transport, concert organizers emphasize that the local residents now have a unique opportunity to hear the famous organ in the almost empty and not stuffed to the eyeballs hall.

Residents of Riga are still actively discussing the topic of coronavirus in public transport, stores and clinics. But if in the first week, people were scared, now theme COVID-19 has become something of a commonplace. In Latvia recorded every day several new cases of infection. All in all, according to Wednesday identified 1092 patients, 26 people died. Epidemiologists at the beginning of the pandemic was far more pessimistic in their forecasts.

That the coronavirus COVID-19 is still a problem for Latvia, the main Infectology, Ministry of health of the Republic, Hugo Dumpis daily stresses in their briefings. The problem is not resolved, so too early to relax. In addition, physicians prepare for the second wave of the pandemic, which will probably come in the fall.

Public transport in Riga is still a lot of people in masks, but on the streets of the Latvian capital of their almost will not meet. In Latvia there is a tradition to wear masks on the street, she did not take root even in the period of the pandemic. In public transport the lack of masks can be fined, but do it rarely.

In General, Latvia has successfully adapted to a number of constraints, so the exit from the emergency mode was not a big event. But in social networks, many users wrote that they were happy that life is returning to normal.

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