The Bulgarian Parliament approved the establishment of the gendarmerie for the fight against terrorism

The people's Assembly (Parliament) of Bulgaria has approved amendments to the law on internal Affairs under which the country will set up a new structure to combat terrorism, the Agency said Novini.

Division Chief Directorate "Gendarmerie special operations and combating terrorism" (GGABC) will be the successor of the Specialized unit to combat terrorism in the National police, including its assets and archives.

"GGABC will be to prevent and suppress terrorist acts, to free the hostages, detain or disarm dangerous criminals or criminal groups. In addition, its staff will provide security from attacks by snipers," reads the description of the tasks of the new structure.

In the debate on amendments was also considered a proposal by the ruling GERB party of creating voluntary groups to help the police. This initiative was rejected by the majority of deputies.