The Prime Minister of Sweden commented on the closure of the case of Olof Palme

Prime Minister Stefan lofven on Wednesday welcomed the closure of the high-profile case of the murder in 1986 of Prime Minister Olof Palme, noting that it would be preferable if prosecutors could provide evidence of guilt of the Stig Engström.

"Better still would be physical evidence. But still, the current investigation has achieved more results than all the previous ones," said löfven during a press conference.

Earlier Wednesday, Prosecutor Krister Petersson announced the decision to close the murder case of Prime Minister of Sweden Olof Palme that affected Sweden in February 1986. He was shot from a revolver in the center of Stockholm, when he returned home with his wife from a cinema. Them in the time of the crime was not of protection.

The consequence considers that killer palm - Stig Engstrom. Originally Engstrom passed on business as the witness, but the investigators under the leadership of Peterson reviewed his testimony and correlating them with the testimony of other witnesses, came to the conclusion about his guilt. Engstrom himself committed suicide in 2000.

Petterson became the fourth attorney who headed the investigation into Palma, which lasted 34 years. During the investigation they never found the murder weapon.