Crimea intends to become a leader in the demand for recreation among Russians

The Crimea has a great potential to become a leading destination domestic tourism this summer, as in the Republic, the Russians will be able to combine a beach and cultural-cognitive Wellness, said the Minister of resorts and tourism of the region Vadim Volchenko.

Earlier, the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov ordered to open from the 15th of June all the motels and hotels of the Republic, but only for residents of the Crimea. Recreation for tourists from other regions of Russia in the Crimea is opened from 1 July, reservations have been resolved.

"The demand for the Crimea is great, we have serious prospects of domestic tourism. The Crimea and the Krasnodar territory is exclusive in terms of a beach vacation, summer tourism. We understand that we now have a very serious prerequisites for development and in the fall, winter and spring. Because the Crimea - and this is historically a resort for the recovery of the upper respiratory tract, and this is precisely what is now our country needs," said Volchenko, quoted by the press service of the Ministry.

Thus, according to him, it is important to prevent a jump in prices for holidays in the accommodation facilities.

"This should reasonable approach, because we understand that solvency is now decreased opportunities people have changed. I think a serious rise in price of vacation is not going to happen. Of course, if some high demand in August, the price increase is not excluded, but to say now is difficult," - said the Minister.