Moscow doctors saved the life of a 65 thousands of gravely ill with the coronavirus

Moscow doctors saved tens of thousands of people with the coronavirus, including about 65 thousand seriously ill, told reporters on Wednesday the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

"In hospitals, designed for the treatment of coronavirus, was rescued by 65 thousands of critically ill patients in different stages. Many of them were in intensive care. This is a huge, enormous work. Health workers tirelessly all day and night, not sparing their health and sometimes life, fought to save the townspeople. This is a huge victory," - said Sobyanin.

He said that in Moscow every seriously ill were secured by a system of artificial ventilation, the intensive care unit.

"We have not had a single day would be a shortage of beds in intensive care. Moreover, we have preparation, even in the primary stages of outpatient care was excluded a huge number of people, helping them, and they did not reach the serious condition", - said the mayor.

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