Hungary would open its border with Croatia

The Croat-Hungarian border open to the free movement of citizens of both countries on Friday morning, said the head of the Hungarian foreign Minister Peter Siyyarto.

According to the Minister, the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban and the head of the government of Croatia Andrey Plenkovich Tuesday during a telephone conversation discussed a number of topics, including the opening of the border. Szijjártó noted that earlier it was decided to open Hungary's borders with Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Serbia. The opening of borders does not adversely affect the spread of the coronavirus.

"Hungary's border with Croatia will now be able to open, and therefore, people who go to Croatia will no longer be subject to quarantine... since Friday morning citizens of Hungary and Croatia are now able to enter the territory of both countries without restrictions using seven border crossings", - said Siyyarto, a text transcript of the video message which is available on the website of the Hungarian government.

The head of the Hungarian foreign Ministry also stressed that the countries of Central Europe "is well protect themselves from the virus," and also managed "to take under control the spread of the virus", with the result that there are conditions for "careful opening" of the borders. The people of Hungary during the pandemic in the country were disciplined, and now the authorities an opportunity "to remove the previously imposed restrictions," he said.

According to the latest data, in Hungary revealed a total of 4027 cases of infection with coronavirus, recovered 2355 people died in 551 patients.

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