The historian told about the most troublesome ally of Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler at the end of the war, admitted that he had lost the war due to Italy, which always had to provide military assistance and thereby weaken important areas, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday the expert of the Russian military historical society (RVIA) Nikita storms.

Exactly 80 years ago, on 10 June 1940, Italy entered the Second world war on Germany's side, declaring war on France and Britain. The participation of the Republic in the war continued until may 8, 1945.

According to the RVIA, during this time, were lost from 150 to 400 thousand Italian military, went missing 131 thousand. Civilian casualties from 60 to 152 thousand persons. Military expenditures amounted to us $ 94 billion in 1945 prices.

Benito Mussolini in 1922 became Prime Minister of Italy, sought the revival of Italy in the borders of the Roman Empire.

"In the National fascist party headed by Mussolini saw the Germans attacking the strongest army in Europe, and realized that can tear your piece being in the Union and under the auspices of Germany that will provide an opportunity to begin to build their colonial Empire", - the expert reminded.

Eighth of October, 1940, Italy declared war on Greece, 6 April 1941 - Yugoslavia. June 22, 1941 Italy had participated in the attack on the Soviet Union, and on 11 December 1941, together with Germany, declared war on the United States.

Italian troops participated in the fighting in the South of France, North Africa, Greece and Yugoslavia, the attempted bombing of Malta, participated in the war with Ethiopia. In these operations they suffered serious losses, and sometimes the only help Germany helped to reverse the events at the front, noted the Agency interlocutor.

"In fact, the Italian army was not ready for war, was not even mobilized many divisions were incomplete state, in this state, they started the war. Against it actively lobbied the Italian generals," - said the expert.

Mussolini managed to seize part of the territory, from 1940 to 1943 under Italian occupation were part of the territories of France, Yugoslavia, Greece, and also occupied in 1939, Albania. While the ambition of the Italians do not interfere with the plans of the Germans, which are mainly watched in the North of Europe and further East.

But in 1943, due to the reduction of German assistance, as well as as a result of military failures and crisis in the rear, Italy lost most of the occupied territories, as well as Sicily.

"In the Mediterranean, and were also extended to Italian interests, was dominated by British influence, which was much stronger than Italy, had a powerful Navy and air force. 12 November 1940, by British carrier-based aircraft attacked the Italian naval base. In the attack one battleship was sunk and two seriously damaged, and the fleet of great Britain finally seized the initiative in the Mediterranean. However, this operation then backfired allies, she became a model for the Japanese attack on the American pearl Harbor in 1941," - said the expert.

The Italian division as an occupation or auxiliary forces were scattered across Greece, the Soviet Union, the Balkans, France, and North Africa. The war reduced Italy to a series of defeats. Primarily due to military defeats, Mussolini lost influence in Italy long before the end of the Second world war.

In July 1943, Italy decided to join the allies and leave the war. The national fascist party was dissolved, and the dictator was removed from power and arrested by his own colleagues.