In Omsk the student who killed a pensioner with a stool, was taken into custody

A student from Omsk, suspected of murdering 88-year-old pensioner from-for refusal to give money to pay the loan, was taken into custody for two months, told reporters in regional investigatory management SK.

Earlier, police in Omsk have detained 19-the summer student of the University on suspicion of the murder of 88-year-old pensioner from-for refusal to give money in debt to repay the loan in the office of microloans. As told by the suspect during the interrogation in the Ministry of internal Affairs, she knew from childhood my grandmother and came to her with a request to lend. When the elderly woman refused, she tried to take the money yourself. According to the student, the pensioner began to scream, the girl pushed her and repeatedly struck on the head with a stool. According to SUCK in the Omsk region, taking the pensioner out of the house about 100 thousand rubles, the girl had washed away traces of blood and left. The pensioner's body found on 21 may.

"Today, at the request of the investigating authorities by the court in respect of girls remanded in custody for a period of two months", - told reporters in SUS'k of the Omsk region on Wednesday.

The Ministry added that the 19-year-old student decided to detain it to, based on the data from her biography, not went on a new crime, failed to abscond, or did not exert influence on the witnesses, their relatives and friends.

Suspect charged under paragraph "h" of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (murder, combined with the robbery) and the item "in" parts 4 articles 162 of the criminal code (robbery).