Spanish police defused a group illegally supplying TV content

European law enforcement authorities have dismantled a gang that was involved in the delivery of content Internet TV IPTV two million customers worldwide, says the report of the National police of Spain.

The operation was conducted by Europol, Eurojust, Spain's national police and law enforcement agencies of some other European countries.

In total the group has provided access to more than 40 thousands of channels, movies, TV series and platforms. Her income is estimated at 15 million euros, not counting lost opportunities official suppliers.

For signal transmission used 50 servers. The operation was carried out in 14 countries, was carried out 15 raids, arrested eleven people, including in Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark. The leader of the group – born Iranian – were arrested in Spain.

The investigation began last year after claims of illegal distribution of content submitted Spanish La Liga, Alliance for art and entertainment (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, the members - Amazon, CBS, Disney, HBO, NBCUniversal, Netflix and Warner Bros), the German football Bundesliga.

The group worked in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Romania, Belgium, UK and Luxembourg.

The money the members of the group were laundered through the purchase of cryptocurrency, the creation of fictitious companies, the purchase of real estate. They will be charged with crimes against intellectual property, fraud, money laundering, membership in a criminal group.

The arrest of the two expensive car at a cost of 400 thousand euros, a house worth 1.7 million euros, the watch is of 45 million euros, 2.7 million euros in the cryptocurrency 1.1 million in Bank accounts seized 9 thousand euros in cash.