Media: in Odessa region have dismantled one of the last monuments to Lenin

One of the last monuments to Lenin authorities dismantled in the village Vinogradovka of Bolgrad district of Odessa region of Ukraine, reported the Ukrainian edition "the Left coast" with reference to the village Council.

It is noted that recently the local police filed two criminal cases in connection with violation of the law on decommunization.

"We (the monument to Lenin – ed.) is dismantled and moved to the utility room. Let there yet is", - quotes the edition of the message of the village Council.

According to the Odessa regional administration in the region were only five monuments to Lenin, one of which was in Vynohradivka.

From may 2015 the law of Ukraine "about the condemnation of the Communist and Nazi regimes" prohibiting propaganda of Soviet symbols. It implies, in particular, the renaming of cities and streets named after Soviet statesmen. Institute of naramata published the list, which includes 520 historical figures whose activities are subject to the law of "decommunisation", so their names should disappear from geographical names.