Kaczynski has threatened Poland crisis in case of loss of Duda in the elections

The Chairman of the ruling party of Poland "law and justice" (PiS) Jaroslaw Kaczynski threatens the Republic, a severe crisis in case of loss of the incumbent President Andrzej Duda in the presidential elections, which should take place on June 28.

Kaczynski has written to the activists of his party a letter stating that "the re-election of Andrzej Duda for the presidency meets the basic interests of Poland."

The leader of PiS claims that Duda is the co-author of "good changes, i.e. reforms in the sphere of economy, foreign policy and security."

In his letter, Kaczynski criticized the opposition, accusing her of being that has failed to hold presidential elections on may 10 as previously scheduled.

However, he argues that the victory on elections the candidate from the opposition "Civic coalition" of Rafal Trzaskowski "would mean severe political, social and moral crisis."

These latest polls indicate that in the second round of elections may come Duda and Trzaskowski, where Duda has a chance to win with a minimal advantage.

Earlier the elections were scheduled for may 10, but political disputes have led to the fact that the authorities did not have time to prepare for their implementation in the new environment, during an outbreak of the coronavirus. The ruling party "law and justice", as well as loyal to her party "Consent" has decided not to hold presidential elections on may 10 as previously scheduled. The state election Commission declared the elections invalid.

While the authorities are in time trouble, since August 6 completes the term of office of the incumbent President Andrzej Duda. In order not to violate the Constitution of the country, the first round of elections should be held no later than June 28.

This means that the contenders for the presidency received very little time to collect the necessary 100 thousand signatures and campaigning. Moreover, recently the Parliament adopted the law stipulates that candidates registered on the cancelled may 10 elections, will remain in a new election. Those who want to join the election campaign, will be forced to pass all procedures in a short time. This applies, in particular, contenders from the opposition group "Civic platform" of Rafal Trzaskowski, as the opposition a few weeks ago decided to change its candidate, which was previously Malgorzata Kidava-Blonska.

Earlier President claimed 10 people, including incumbent President Duda.