Named the safest country

Safest country in the world again ranked Iceland won first place in the global peace index, published by the analytical center "Institute for Economics and peace".

In second place — New Zealand — the third Portugal. The top ten also included Austria, Denmark, Canada, Singapore, Czech Republic, Japan and Switzerland.

Russia is again on the 154th position, between the Sudan and the Central African Republic, although the authors of the report noted that the figures for the categories of "safety and Security", "Militarization" and "Continuing conflict" has improved. Increased and the overall performance of the country over the year by 1.3 percent. Experts note that in Russia decreased the number of murders: with more than 20 incidents per 100 thousand people to less than 10.

One of the problems of Russia in the report called "political instability".

Russia the authors of the report included in the group "Russia and Eurasia", which included the post-Soviet countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Belarus. The most peaceful country in the region, the experts recognized Kazakhstan — he finished 70th place, although in terms of "safety and security" there has been a sharp drop.

The ranking 163 countries. The bottom line is Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.

The Global Peace Index developed by the sociologists and economists of the international expert team of the Institute for Economics and peace. The list is compiled annually since 2007.