Rostec and RDIF will start to produce medication for the treatment of coronavirus

Holding "national immunobiological company" the state Corporation "rostec" and the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) will begin to release drug based on blood plasma for the treatment of COVID-19, production is scheduled to deploy immediately on four grounds stated in the joint message of the companies.

"The partnership between RDIF and holding "national immunobiological company" involves the production of an immunoglobulin preparation that contains antibodies to the coronavirus SARS CoV-2. It will be made on the basis of plasma donors who have had coronavirus infection", - stated in the message.

Enterprise of the holding "national immunobiological company" has developed a universal technology of production of human immunoglobulin for intravenous injection. The drug "Biogem", produced on the basis of this technology, successfully passed the first phase of clinical trials, the report said.

"Soon we will bring to the domestic market, effective and safe drug. After he entered, we are ready to start production on four sites in Perm, Nizhny Novgorod, Tomsk and Ufa", – said General Director of "Rostec" Chemezov.

Investments obtained in the framework of cooperation with the FUND, will be used to purchase equipment, conduct clinical trials, preparation of documents for registration of the final drug, the report States.

"Production of drugs based on blood plasma donors recovered coronavirus, is one of the promising directions of treatment that RDIF plans to develop in Russia in cooperation with "national immunobiological company". We expect that the investments of the Fund will help accelerate research, complete them with positive results and begin full-scale production of the drug", – said the CEO of RDIF, Kirill Dmitriev.

The production of immunoglobulin containing antibodies against the coronavirus, will be organized on a full production cycle, subject to the availability of raw materials in the four branches of the NPO "Microgen" of the holding "national immunobiological company". According to the CEO of the holding "national immunobiological company" Andrey Zagorsky, today Microgen covers more than 25% of the needs of the Russian market in albumins and immunoglobulins, and is the largest producer in the country specific immunoglobulins for staph, tick-borne encephalitis, hepatitis B and tetanus.

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