Roskoshestvo told about the bacteria that cause food poisoning

Roskoshestvo told about pathogenic bacteria, which can lead to food poisoning and the appropriate precautions and deal with them, follows from the materials of the organization.

Experts warn that eggs, milk, meat, water may contain Salmonella which can cause diarrhea and typhoid fever, milk, cheese, cheese, cheese, koumiss and meat – Brucella, which can cause damage to the musculoskeletal system and disability. They perish after being heated to 56 degrees Celsius. Coliform bacteria are found in raw vegetables, fruits and greens, meat, processed meat, milk and dairy products. When ingested, they can cause food poisoning and die when heated to 60 degrees.

Campylobacter, leading to enterocolitis, can live in the intestinal tract of animals and poultry, and also found in raw milk. When heated to 60 degrees they die. In addition, larger organisms, anisakid parasitic worms (helminths), are found in poorly salted herring, raw or slightly long for salty fish (e.g., hake, Pollock), shellfish and molluscs. They can be destroyed through freezing or heat treatment.

To get into the human body from products can, and very tenacious of bacteria. So, Listeria infects cells of the immune system. To reduce the risk of infection can help heating to 70-100 degrees. And the violation of technological mode of production would determine the presence of clostridia, which usually grow on products with a high content of starch or protein (meat and legumes). According to statistics, more than half of cases of poisoning associated with the use of canned mushrooms home task, and these bacteria are killed only after repeated pasteurization.

Total recommendations not to drink water from open sources, is not a steak with blood, raw and fresh milk, undercooked fried egg, not to drink raw eggs. It is also necessary to wash hands thoroughly after cooking with raw foods and before eating, products must undergo heat treatment