In Surgut police had power to detain vacationing in Park woman

Police in Surgut (Khanty) had to use force to detain the woman, vacationing in the company on the river in a local Park, despite the regime of self-isolation, there is a service check, told RIA Novosti press-service of the municipal Department of internal Affairs.

The police reminded the women about the administrative responsibility and offered to voluntarily leave the place, but was faced with rejection. Law enforcement officers asked them to come to the police Department for further investigation, but this requirement vacationers also ignored, explained in UMVD.

The Ministry said that in connection with the incident, official inspection. If it turns out that the police had exceeded the authority to use force, they are "held accountable", said the press service. The Ministry of internal Affairs added that against women administrative reports for violation of Ugra restrictive measures, materials will be sent to the court.

In order to RIA Novosti has a video recorder of one of the police officers involved in the arrest. The footage shows two women and a man are ignoring the requests of law enforcement and continue to sunbathe on the riverbank. Also, according to the video, the patrol had to handcuff one of the women tried to escape after the arrival of the paddy wagon.

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