Patrushev said, as Minsk and Tashkent avoid the "color revolutions"

The government of Uzbekistan and Belarus in the "zero" years to recognize the attempts of the West to organize a "color revolution" in these countries, said the Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev.

According to him, special attention is given to the timeliness of the recognition of signs of impending in certain States of the former USSR "explosive" process, backed by Western forces.

"Such tactics of massive political and propaganda pressure paralyzed the will of the national leadership to counter anti-state unfolding processes," said Secretary of the security Council.

At the same time, the timely adoption by the authorities of the appropriate counter-measures allows to neutralize the destructive actions of the West, said Patrushev.

"Evidence of this is the failed attempt of a "color revolution" in Uzbekistan in 2005. Official Tashkent was able to recognize the true intentions of overseas "friends" and time initiated the curtailment of cooperation," said Secretary of the Russian security Council.

He added that "ignoring "requirements and strong recommendations" from overseas has also enabled the authorities of Belarus not to allow the unfolding of a "revolutionary" events in the Republic in 2006".