Patrushev told about the fate of the countries that experienced "color revolutions"

States that have experienced a "color revolution", instead of prosperity, promised them a Western "puppet masters", went into deep crisis in different areas, and often plunged into civil war, said Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev.

In an interview with the newspaper "Arguments and facts" Patrushev told what methods are used by the West for regime change in different countries.

Part of the local political elites was also extracted dividends from the redistribution of spheres of influence and property, speaking only as a tool to cover up the real organizers of the coup and external sources, he added.

"In this Republic, survivor of "color revolutions", instead of the promised democracy and prosperity to get a destabilized political system, growing corruption and organized crime, the deep crisis in the economy and social relations, falling standards of living of the population. In many cases, these countries plunged into civil war," said Secretary of the Russian security Council.

According to Patrushev, after the collapse of the USSR the West "began to show increased interest" in post-Soviet countries. "Despite the promises of a comfortable life, sovereignty and democracy, no real help from the West, the CIS countries do not receive, but depending on how this is happening in Ukraine and in Georgia," concluded Patrushev.