Patrushev : the West is organizing "color revolutions" in former Soviet countries

"Color revolution" in Russia is a strategic goal of the West engaged in "export of revolutions" in the former Soviet Union, said Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

In an interview with the newspaper "Arguments and facts" Patrushev told about how the West is trying to destabilize the political situation in Russia.

"The West's efforts to "export revolutions" in the former Soviet Union are subject to last but not least the consistent challenge of knocking out the individual links in the sphere of Russian influence with the strategic purpose – to organize a "color revolution" in Russia", - said Patrushev

He spoke about the mechanisms of training of the Western forces coups in States formerly part of the Soviet Union.

The West relied on people who came of age after the collapse of the USSR and did not have therefore, personal views and real knowledge about the Soviet Union, said Patrushev. "The calculation shows that the natural change of the chiefs of the Junior level management (27-30 years old) is virtually complete replacement of middle management (30-40 years) will happen before 2026, senior (40-50 years) – up to 2036", - added the Secretary of the Russian security Council.

"However, the example of Georgia and Ukraine shows that the process of forming around Russia hostile to her state behaviour of the elites can be accelerated by artificial means", - said Patrushev.