Patrushev told how much money Russian NGOs have received from the West

Russian non-commercial organizations engaged in political activity, officially received in 2015-2019 from Western donors of about 4 billion rubles, and in reality much more due to various "grey" schemes, it seriously complicates the evidence for the direct involvement of the West in subversive work against Russia, said the Secretary of security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev.

In an interview with the newspaper "Arguments and facts" Patrushev told about the methods used by the West for "rocking" the socio-political situation in Russia, including with non-governmental organizations.

"The work of the network of foreign NGOs distributed on the respective areas of responsibility and is using the capabilities controlled by Russian non-commercial organizations humanitarian or human rights orientation who actively participate in political activities", - said Patrushev.

However, according to Patrushev, "as a result of implementation of Federal state bodies of the decisions of the Security Council of localized anti-Russian activities of a number of foreign non-governmental organizations increased control over the flow of financial and other assistance from abroad, the Russian Pro-Western opposition and non-profit organizations."