The handlers gave advice to dog owners on the way out of the isolation

The Russian cynological Federation (RKF) shared with RIA Novosti tips for dog owners that will help you to smoothly exit the isolation.

A sharp reduction in hours with the owner can lead to destructive behavior of your pet, especially if it is about the puppy, which has not been the experience of a long separation from the owner, declare the handlers.

"In order to avoid the stress of the puppy, you need to prepare it for separation. Start leaving your pet in a separate room for a short period of time – 5, 10, 15 minutes late leaving for an hour or two. Gradually, the dog will get used to wait, and it will not cause her stress," - suggest in RKF.

For these purposes you can use a special cage or large pet carrier. To start to run to the pet with the door open so he could get used to the cage and easily come out of it. Then you need to increase the time spent in a cage to several hours. "Put your dog in a comfortable place where she will feel safe, put a favorite toy and soft blanket. Many owners associate the cage with cruel treatment and restriction of movement, but it is not. Cage for dogs own room, secluded corner where it will feel safe," say the handlers.

For a dog that has not experienced stress from loneliness, it is necessary to provide opportunity for independent games. To do this, the handlers are advised to buy specialized toys for dogs. They will help to take the dog and will contribute to his intellectual development.

As noted by the handlers, even during the isolation of attention from the owner should be metered. "Give your dog regularly, but do not indulge her obsessions. Teach your pet to ensure that you adjust your communication. Also, do not impose their society pet, it should be a place where he can go to be alone," said the dog.

Before you return to the usual long walks, trips outside the city and to the country, dog handlers advise to conduct handling dogs from external parasites, primarily ticks.

"Just make all the necessary vaccinations, if you moved the timing of the vaccinations due to travel restrictions," said the dog.

In addition, they gave advice for owners of older or sick dogs. First a long walk with such animals after the isolation is carried out with restrictions. "Be careful with loads, enter them gradually, increasing the distance and intensity of walks," - said in RKF.