"Communists of Russia" proposed to celebrate the Day of Russia on 18 March

The party "Communists of Russia" proposes to move the Day of Russia from June 12 at the date of the reunification of the Crimea - March 18, said the Chairman of the Communist party Maxim suraykin.

According to him, this holiday party is twofold – on the one hand, a state holiday in Russia should be, and on the other hand, the date originally chosen, because in this day was adopted the Declaration of independence by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

"Not only that, Russia never was a colony, and we patriots will do everything that she never became a colony, the Declaration of independence were always made by colonial countries. But most importantly, it was the starting point of the destruction of the Soviet Union, so we will always fight for our country and are honored to work and win. And so, we have nothing against the essence of the festival and even supported the idea that one day should be a national holiday," - said the Chairman of the Central Committee of the party.

He also noted that the Communists of the Russia Day celebrated on the day of reunification with the people of Crimea.

"And on this day we just sadly remember the Declaration of independence, which had no value," - said suraykin.