In Colombia seized five tons of cocaine

The national police of Colombia reported the seizure in the port of Buenaventura 4928 pounds of cocaine that was intended to be sent to Turkey.

"In the port Buenaventura seized a particularly important load - 4298 kilos of hydrochloride of cocaine mixed with granular rubber, which was heading to Turkey," - said the Director of the anti-drug service of the national police Jorge Ramirez in a video message posted on Twitter.

The Minister of defence Colombi Carlos Holmes Trujillo congratulated his colleagues with success, stressing that the cost of the party in the market would be about $ 265 million.

More than 90% of the world's Coca plantations are concentrated in the so-called "Andean marketreports", which includes Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. In a small amount of Coca growing plantations in Panama, Ecuador, in the South-West of Venezuela and North Eastern Brazil.