The expert said, when you can cancel the wearing of masks in stores

Cancel the compulsory wearing of masks in the supermarket will be safe only after you remove all the limitations due to the coronavirus, and assuming a return to normal life will not provoke re-growth of infections. About it RIA Novosti said the doctor of natural Sciences, lecturer of the Department of environmental health and environmental medicine at the Medical University of Vienna Hans-Peter Hutter.

The authorities of Austria on 14 April began to ease the measures against the coronavirus, at the same time obliging people to wear masks in public places. From June 15 to protect the nose and mouth must be worn only in three cases: in public transport, in health care, including pharmacies, and service businesses where it is impossible to comply with the minimum distance. For example, hairdressers and workers in the sphere of public catering. In schools, in trade, visitors cafes and hotels to wear a mask is not necessary.

As shown by the situation, the measures taken in the areas potentially most at risk of infection, that is, in shops and public transport - mask, disinfection and distance, was absolutely correct, the expert said.

In his opinion, making decision, the authorities focused on the current epidemiological situation in the country in recent days, in Austria only about 10 new cases a day. Hutter also suggested that psychological reasons played a role.

"The fact is that people have become accustomed to the masks. Now they say that it is possible to take them off, and then again will be obliged to wear. But it's harder than just continue to wear them", - concluded the Agency interlocutor.

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