Urgant ridiculed Panina after the scandal at the funeral Aksenova

Showman Ivan Urgant on air of the First channel made fun of the actor Alexei Panin, calling him a man who "knows best what is the bottom."

Urgant has mentioned the actor, commenting on the immersing of the Russian apparatus "Vityaz" on the bottom of the Mariana trench. "How does deep-water apparatus "Vityaz"? This is Alexey Panin, the actor, wearing a coat of mail, suit and roulette, which were sent to the study basin. Because this man better than anyone in our country knows what the bottom is," said the presenter.

Earlier a row of mass media wrote that the farewell ceremony with people's artist of Russia Mikhail Panin Aksenovym allegedly made the remark to the deceased, after which he was asked to leave. The actor called this information a lie. Later, the channel REN TV published a video with Panin, in which he questioned the talent Aksenova as a Director.

Kokshenov died June 4 after a long illness, he was 83 years old. Before him farewell in the ritual hall of the Mitinsky crematorium in Moscow.