In the Ulyanovsk region, the inmates of the detention center staged a protest

Prisoners of the prison in the Ulyanovsk region on Tuesday staged a protest after the application of one of accused of power on the part of prison officials, the press service of the UFSIN for the region.

According to the press service, 9 June in the detention centre №1 UFSIN Russia across the Ulyanovsk region one of the accused categorically refused to proceed in camera of the contents. Then he was warned about responsibility for refusal of performance of lawful requirements of the administration of the detention facility. However, the inmate again refused. In accordance with the Federal law was applied bend your hands behind your back. It is noted that after the defendant was examined by a medical officer of the institution.

"Hearing the noise from the hallway, the suspects and the accused contained in cells of SIZO-1, to protest with the administration of the detention facility began to shout and spoil the property of the enterprises", - stated in the message.

According to the press service, the jail is working to resolve the situation, the situation in the institution is under control. About the incident also reported to the Prosecutor's office and SUCK on the Ulyanovsk region.