Moscow authorities told about the decision to lift restrictions

The restrictions on isolation in Moscow did "not under any event" and based on good dynamics and numbers, said the head of the Moscow Department of trade and services Alexey ameryk.

On the eve of Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree according to which from June 9 in the capital canceled withdrawal, skip and walk on schedule for everyone. In addition, work hairdressers, beauty salons, photo studios, vet clinics and employment agencies.

Answering the question of how many companies "will not survive these holidays," Nemeryuk said that to date, has opened in the capital 70% of stores and almost 80% of the service sector. "Today, we specially some numbers not called, because to the end not clear the effect on how enterprises affected, will emerge from this crisis," - said the head of the Moscow Department of trade and services.

He noted that most of the hotels also have restored their work, but given the new requirements of the Federal service for sanitary treatment, respect for social distance, wearing masks and gloves.

Answering the question of whether the advent of vaccines vaccination mandatory, Nemeryuk said that it will decide the physicians. "As I understand it, there are already enough people who have had it and have antibodies. And here it is necessary to look at the statistics, reduces the amount of antibody or not. I think that doctors in the future will decide whether this vaccination is widespread or some sample. Now it is hard at this stage to talk about it," said Ameryk.