The second wave COVID-19 in Britain will be much stronger, said scientists

The second wave of coronavirus is almost 2.5 times stronger than the first if the British authorities will fully resume the work of schools and do not impose a system of mass testing and contact tracing of people, according to the report from the London school of hygiene and tropical diseases (LSHTM).

March 23, Britain has quarantined due to pandemic COVID-19. Since the beginning of June, the government eased the restrictions: he opened some classes in primary schools plan gradually to allow the shops and restaurants that have the ability to place tables on the street, and also to resume sporting events, but without spectators in the stands. In the whole country quarantine measures remain: residents encouraged to continue the work of the house, not to gather in groups more than six persons, not to use without the need for public transport and to comply with the social distance of two meters.

"If the school opens fully or incrementally in June or July, and thus will not act large-scale and effective system of testing, and contact tracing of people, the second wave COVID-19 in Britain can be 2.2-2.5 times stronger than the first," the study says.

Scientists note that considered system of contact tracing is effective in the condition that tested at least 50% of people with symptoms, and 40% of their contacts are being monitored.

The system of contact tracing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus Test and the Trace works in England may 28. It is a way to alleviate and remove the quarantine before the advent of vaccines from COVID-19. Infected people are identified through testing, the volume of which is planned to continuously expand.

The system requires all who are experiencing any symptoms of SARS, immediately isolate themselves and book a test via the Internet or telephone. After receiving the results and data processing associated with the patient's doctor of the national health system and instructs on how to proceed. To leave home not permitted under any circumstances. Ill have to report all contacts over the last seven days and to remain in isolation for 14 days, even if will be a good feeling, and the symptoms will disappear. Everyone with whom patients had contact, will also be isolated that will break the chain of spread of the virus.

The government has not yet published data on the use of this program.

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