Erdogan announced the easing of restrictive measures in Turkey

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a new easing from June 10 to restrictive measures imposed in the country because of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

Quarantine restrictions in Turkey has been severely weakened since June 1, the government lifted the ban on long-distance rides, the restaurants, pools, beaches, parks, gymnasiums, kindergartens.

"Restaurants and cafes are now able to (work - ed) before midnight (before 22.00). Citizens over 65 will be able to leave their homes with 10 to 20 hours. Children under 18 years will be able to go out every day under adult supervision. Theatres and wedding services open from 1 July," - said Erdogan, speaking in Ankara.

As stated by the head of the Ministry of health of Turkey Fahrettin koca, the last day in the country were identified 989 new cases of coronavirus, all infected - 171 121. Died, 19 patients, only dead – 4711.