In Petersburg the employee of the prison melee catch criminals

Employee of the SIZO-6 UFSIN across St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region Alina Saburov detained the criminal with martial arts techniques, said Tuesday the press service of the regional Department of the Federal penitentiary service.

"On the evening of 8 June, the girl was returning home with a friend when he saw in the nearest forest belt man beating up a woman. Without hesitation, the employee came to the rescue: unarmed combat neutralized the attacker, but he managed to escape," - said in the message.

The girls immediately summoned to the scene by police officers. Some time later the same man appeared near girls pretending to be involved in sports.

An employee of the jail identified him and began to take pictures, to which the man responded with aggression, attacked the employee, trying to strike. He managed to snatch the mobile phone of the employee, and he tried to hide in a nearby Park. Saburov caught up with him, she had again to apply the techniques of unarmed combat, after which the criminal was suspended. The girl waited for the arriving squad of police officers and gave them the attacker.

The detainee was a 28-year-old native of Udmurtia, who was previously convicted, and is now a person without a certain residence.

During the struggle with the offender, the employee received injuries of the fingers and minor head injury, the attacker was bitten during the arrest.

In fact the incident a criminal case article "attempted robbery".