Maas commented on the US decision to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies

The US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies, and the actions of Iran have led to the rollback of the architecture of nuclear arms control, said the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas at the end of the videoconference with participants to the Stockholm initiative on nuclear disarmament.

"Unfortunately, the architecture of arms control in recent weeks there has been a subsequent, causing the bitterness of setbacks - the US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies refers to them as causing concern around the development of Iran's nuclear program. To avoid a new nuclear arms race is a matter of survival for humanity," said Maas, it quoted the press service of the Ministry.

He urged "to do everything in our power" to "overcome the stalemate in nuclear disarmament". This conviction, according to the Minister, is shared by all States parties of the Stockholm initiative. In February, at a meeting in Berlin they have developed concrete steps for new momentum in the disarmament process, he said Maas, adding that more and more States are supporting this package. He added that the non-proliferation Treaty, which this year turned 50 years old, remains "a Central element of nuclear arms control", it needs to be "fixed for the future."

Besides Germany and Sweden, the Stockholm initiative, created in 2019, was joined by 14 States. At the conference in February in Berlin, the participants presented the plan of the 22 steps "Stepping Stones" for the development of the system of nuclear arms control. Following the conference at the level of foreign Ministers will take place in 2021 in Jordan.