Zelensky said that he was ashamed of some of the jokes about Ukraine

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky had admitted that he was ashamed of some of the jokes "95 Quarter", including one in which he compared the country with the "actress of German film for adults", however, the President explained that the joke "was about something else."

Before being elected President Zelensky during one of the numbers "95 Quarter" on international loans said that "Ukraine reminds the actress of German films for adults: ready to take in any quantity, from any side".

However, he added that "prostitute" Ukraine was never called.

"Do not be ashamed of mistakes. Although no one wanted to do offend someone. Even in humor," the President said.

In late may, Premier Denis Shmyhal announced the completion of negotiations of the authorities with the IMF for a loan under the new stand-by program. It is expected that the program will last for 18 months in the amount of five billion, Kiev will have to repay the loan within five years. The first tranche of $ 1.9 billion, the Prime Minister said that Ukraine expected in early June, the fall expected $ 1.6 billion, and in 2021 for another $ 1.5 billion.