Legoyda: the incidence can grow – it is important to observe sanitary measures

It is important to observe sanitary rules after the lifting of restrictions due to the spread of coronavirus, said the Chairman of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate on relations of the Church with society and mass-media Vladimir Legoyda.

Earlier, the authorities of some regions of Russia announced the withdrawal of all or most of the restrictions related to the spread of a new type of coronavirus. Among them – Moscow, Crimea, Saratov oblast.

"The incidence (COVID-19) can grow now, because people actively go out (of the house). The danger remains, so we are talking about the importance of observing the measures which had been adopted earlier," - said Legoyda on Tuesday during the press conference online.

However, he noted that if there is a new wave of the epidemic, it will be "much less than what we saw before."

Earlier Vladimir Legoyda called on parishioners and clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church strictly comply with sanitary requirements. For the Moscow region is social distance, restrictions on the number of people in the Church based on one person in a 4 square meter, gloves, masks, sanitizing.

The Moscow Patriarchate at the request of the chief sanitary doctor of the capital ordered the clergy of Moscow and Moscow region on April 13 to hold services without the participation of the congregation. After that the measures have been introduced in many dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church. The churches of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow has opened doors for believers 6 June. Services are held in compliance with health measures developed by the CPS.