Moscow is the first day after the removal of the regime of self-isolation

The streets of Moscow on the first day of the lifting of the isolation regime is still half empty, and many have found this is a plus: last chance to capture this and do a selfie without crowds in the background of the main attractions, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin on Monday signed a decree according to which from June 9 in the capital canceled withdrawal, skip and walk on schedule for everyone. In addition, work hairdressers, beauty salons, photo studios, vet clinics and employment agencies.

Tverskaya is the main Moscow street, where usually full of life and passing thousands of cars, have not had time to return to normal rhythm. There can be found only office workers, consultants, clothing stores, Bank workers.

"We are working here in the office decided to briefly go out, breathe some fresh air, grab a coffee and walk through the square. We can finally do it quietly", - said Oksana, who works in one of the offices.

On the benches in the shade of the square on Tverskoy Boulevard, the rest of the food delivery, they filled almost all available space.

The same was half-empty Manege square. You can clearly hear the announcement from the fast food restaurant of the necessity to maintain social distance. Coming closer, you can see the employee of the restaurant, which also asks visitors to stand out of the boundaries and if you want to use the sanitizer.

Muscovites have already adapted to the new reality: no one crowd, most wearing masks, are antiseptic and gloves.

Suddenly, through the crowd walked a man who angrily said, "What five feet? Everything is already removed!" Restaurant Manager shrugged, and the woman from the queue said: "Action, it is removed, but atdistance and mask remained. So before complaining, it would be better news revered". And as if to confirm the woman out of the speakers sounded the message about the need to abide by the rules.

Empty and Alexandrovsky garden. Many hide from the scorching sun on the benches in the shade. Two elderly Muscovites met for the first time since the beginning of self-isolation.

"We haven't decided where to go yet was found here. It is a pity that the cafe is not opened, so we on the porch would drink coffee and chat. We have not seen for a very long time, they usually talked on the phone," - said one of them.

According to them, the mode of isolation the first time it was hard to follow, but after a while got used.

But on Nikolskaya street people more. Here you can find a lot of teenagers and young adults. Many make selfi on the background of Gum or red square.

"You see, there are almost no people. Previously had the perspective to choose, and now it does not turn around freely. It's great!" - happy girl Alina.

The joy of teenagers also share and professional photographers - they are on the street too much. The camera lenses sell as well as the panorama of the city and people.

"I am taking pictures of Moscow. Before I couldn't do it, because it needed a pass, even upset that fail to capture an empty Moscow, but today not very many people. It seems to me that this is the last opportunity to make such photos, soon everything will return to normal," - said the Agency photographer Sergey.

Slano beauty, located in the center, filled, register for the next two days is impossible. Phone administrators is broken, all I want as soon as possible to schedule a haircut, manicure or pedicure. In conversation with RIA Novosti news Agency a noted that active record has begun after the announcement of the opening of the salons.

In residential areas the situation is similar for June, the record was already filled for July, is already beginning gradually to fill up.

It is worth noting that in the first day of the salons no big rush, queues are not observed. Clients come strictly by appointment, masters work exclusively in masks and special clothing. After each client the working surface is disinfected.

In the Studio the situation is calmer, orders are not many, mainly asking to take in dresses or pants.

"Many before you come to me, call and ask how to put the tag to pants to hem, and only then come," - said the employee of the company.

In Gorky Park and Muzeon people much more than in the Central streets of the capital. Along the embankments you ride scooters, bikes, others nestled on the benches and on the grass and sunbathe.

Also shows how restaurateurs are preparing for the opening of summer terraces. Vengeance is mounting, designers create "cozy corners", and employees are actively wash the Windows, tables and furniture.

Inside the Park, near the pond, formed several groups that decided to have a family picnic. As told to Marina, she had long waited for the moment when I can go for a walk with baby in the Park.

"He's very active, and he had nothing to occupy all this time, while we sat at home was always asking to go outside to run. Of course, I was sometimes allowed, but not often. But now I can safely go," she said.

Despite the fact that a pond has formed several companies, silence reigns around, many just lying on a blanket and enjoy the summer weather. Around soothing atmosphere. The city slowly gets back to his rhythm after three months of quarantine.

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