After the pandemic, it is necessary to finalize the regulations, said the Deputy of the Moscow city Duma

After a pandemic will need to perform everything that happened in Moscow, to finalize the regulations to provide for the possibility of any other threats or mobilized urban system and how to restore the economy, said the head of the Moscow city Duma Commission on security, sport and youth policy Cyril Shields the radio station "Moscow speaking".

"Once we get in the quiet time, will be able to finalize the regulations to provide for the possibility of some other viruses and biological threats and prepare for them. In recent history we have with such a threat have not yet encountered, we are now accumulating a unique experience of prevention of this threat. It is clear that it requires further analysis work on the bugs. To do this you need to be sure, but once we understand that we are with the main trouble did it," said Shields.

He added that at the moment no one can guarantee that there will be a second wave, but you have to wait until this is all over, and make mistakes, to develop measures for the future.

"And not only epidemiological or penalty, but with the economy in the new conditions, mobilizing some of public, it is a huge work to be once the pandemic is going to go," said Shields.

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