In Sweden the number of victims of coronavirus, has exceeded 4.7 thousand

The number who died after being infected with coronavirus in Sweden reached on Tuesday 4717 people were infected almost 46 thousand, the data provided by the Swedish Agency for healthcare.

On Tuesday, the number of deaths increased by 23, with continued growth in the number of new cases of infection. In the first place is associated with a significant increase in the number of tests. "We are currently testing about 50 thousand people per week, that's enough," said during the press conference, the chief epidemiologist of Sweden Anders Tegnell.

"As to the number of deaths per day, now we are seeing a reduction," said Tegnell. According to statistics compiled by the TV channel SVT, the average number of deaths from the coronavirus in the day in Sweden last week was at the level of 30-40 people.

The government of Sweden, unlike many other countries, did not impose a strict lockdown due to the spread of the coronavirus in the country continued to operate kindergartens, primary schools, restaurants and fitness centers. Restrictive measures include inter alia the ban on meetings of more than 50 people, a cafe can't serve visitors to the stand, prohibited visits to nursing homes. Universities, secondary education schools and employees of companies, where possible, transferred to the remote mode. People are urged to respect the social distance and to avoid unnecessary social contacts.

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