The project about mistrust to the head of the Moscow city Duma will consider, once he's there

The draft resolution on expressing a number of MPs of no confidence in the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov will be considered as soon as, told journalists in a press-service of capital Parliament on Tuesday.

Earlier in social networks appeared a photo of the draft resolution of the Moscow city Duma for a vote of no confidence in the Chairman of the Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov. The resolution was signed by the deputies of opposition factions: Mikhail Timonov, Daria Besedina Ekaterina Engalycheva, Dmitry Loktev, Eugene Stupin, Oleg Sheremet, Olena Yanchuk, Sergiy Savostyanov and Viktor Maksimov.

"As soon as the project received in the prescribed manner, he will definitely be considered," said Shaposhnikov, who quotes a press-service of city Parliament.

As explained by RIA Novosti Deputy Daria Besedina, this document should be considered at the nearest session of the Duma, but after passing certain procedures.

"Together with colleagues-deputies issued a censure Shaposhnikov due to his many mistakes, in General it is not worthy to be President... It's a draft decree of the Moscow city Duma, it is submitted in accordance with regulations of the order, it needs to be considered at the next meeting, although this is likely to be no tomorrow, it's likely to be using the meeting as he needs to get some hardware visas," - said Besedin.

According to her, the draft resolution will be voted on. "Accordingly, if half of the MPs support him, 50 plus 1, then Shaposhnikov will cease to be Chairman," she said.

In turn, the city Duma Deputy Elena Yanchuk explained to RIA Novosti that one of the reasons for the emergence of such a project was the lack of meetings and decisions relevant to the public issues during the pandemic and the scandal with the Declaration Shaposhnikov.

"One of the reasons for our distrust is actually the disengagement of the Council from discussions and decision-making in a pandemic, was held just one meeting on 1 April, and then the Duma was not working were not considered important issues for residents. Even at the last meeting actual problems of the citizens which was necessary to the position of the Moscow city Duma were not considered, and solutions were not accepted. And, of course, affect this situation history with the income of the President. The citizens have any questions, and generally would be a normal situation with an explanation, with the provision of documents at the site of the Moscow city Duma. But such comments were not only public performance in esters. Yes, and the explanation raised even more questions," said Yanchuk.

Previously on the website of the Moscow city Duma published data on incomes, property and obligations of property character, from which it follows that the amount of reported income Shaposhnikov in 2019 amounted to more than 1.95 billion. A year earlier it earned nearly 24.4 million rubles. Later, Shaposhnikov explained to the journalists that reported income from the sale of securities.