In the Ivanovo region died three cases of coronavirus

Three patients ranging in age from 82 to 93 years with confirmed coronavirus infection died from double pneumonia, a day in the Ivanovo region, the total number of deaths has increased to 25, said at a briefing Director of the Department of health region Arthur Fokin.

In Ivanovo region the sixth day in a row COVID-19 is confirmed by more than a hundred patients. For the last day of the set 108 of diagnoses, the number of cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection was increased to 2930. Of new patients 76 people were examined as received from SARS and pneumonia when sick contact with a previously infected 28 people, four people arrived in the region (from Moscow, the Moscow region, two from Dagestan).

"The statistics on the mortality rate during the day, added of three patients. It is people in the age of the patients 82 and 93 years from Shuya and 83 years from Ivanov. In all three cases had comorbidities: diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems. In all cases, rapidly developed bilateral viral pneumonia. And, unfortunately, despite all the efforts of doctors failed to prevent death," said Fokin.

In-patient treatment in the field are 746 people, including on the beds with oxygen – 152 on the ventilator – 14 patients. Free for patients with COVID-19 remains 61 beds.

"Unfortunately, we have again a record for the number of patients on oxygen support. Such a large number of patients on oxygen have not yet been" – said Fokin.

During the day, recovered 105, thus, in the region recovered 1196 patients with COVID-19.

The population of the Ivanovo region, according to 2020 amounts to 997 thousand people.

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