Rosturizm called the price of package tours to Russia in summer

Federal Agency for tourism took an active part in the formation of a new available package tours to Russia, where an integrated value of travel starts from 10 thousand rubles for week package per person, said in an Internet address, the Minister of sarin doguzova.

Commenting on the results of the meeting Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina, dedicated to the development of tourism, she noted that one of the key objectives of the Federal tourism Agency this summer remains the launch of new routes and destinations for Russian citizens, in addition to traditional southern Russia.

"We are in constant contact with airlines, hoteliers, tour operators and entities to form interesting, affordable package offers for the Russians," said doguzova.

According to the official, already there is an agreement on the first run Charter flights to the Kaliningrad region from July.

"Prices will begin from 10 thousand rubles for a one-week rest for one person. We have agreed to launch Charter in the Republic of Buryatia, on lake Baikal. There cost will start from 30 thousand rubles for a week long tour," continued the head of the Federal tourism Agency.

She reported about the first version of the launch of the Charter in the Republic of Khakassia, where the price of a packaged tour will start from 35 thousand rubles per week per person. Will be affordable and the Republic of Altai, where you can go for the price of 25 thousand rubles for a one-week rest for one person. The tour cost will include accommodation, flights and sightseeing to choose from.

"We continue to build the new offerings and hope that you will be able to run at least a dozen interesting package offers for our citizens and doing everything possible to help the Russians more comfortable, safe, interesting and accessible were able to relax in our country", — summed up doguzova.