In the Netherlands, said the details of the investigation into the crash of MH17

Radar data do not confirm the detection of fighters or missiles at the moment of the crash Malaysian Boeing (flight MH17) in Eastern Ukraine in 2014, said the Dutch Prosecutor Thijs Berger in the course of the hearing.

Hearings on the case of MH17 in the judicial complex Schiphol in the Netherlands was renewed on 8 June.

"Research radar data was completed," - said Berger at the hearing on Tuesday.

He noted that the study data of the Ukrainian civil and military radar gave limited results, account was taken of the Russian primary radar data.

As reported by Berger with reference to the expert on defence, EUROCONTROL and the security Council of the Netherlands, there are several explanations for why there are no radar records of the missile "Buk".

"The fact that radar did not find, does not mean that the rockets weren't there. (Russian company - ed.) "Almaz-Antey" and Russian defense Ministry, however, believe that the absence of this discovery, indeed, is evidence of the lack of missiles "Buk" Snow", - he said.

The Prosecutor noted that the Dutch expert and the Ministry of defense of Russia, and "Almaz-Antey" agree that military aircraft are much easier to detect than the missile "Buk".

"All the experts and experts currently agree that the available radar data do not include the detection of fighter aircraft or missiles," concluded Berger.

The court in the case of the crash of flight MH17 has begun in the Netherlands March 9, 2020. On it are four defendants - Russians Girkin, Dubinsky, Pulatov and Ukrainian Kharchenko. Pulatova on the court represents an international group consisting of two Dutch and one Russian lawyer. The other suspects tried in absentia.

Malaysian Boeing flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight MH17, crashed on July 17, 2014 under Donetsk. On Board were 298 people, they all died. Kiev has blamed the disaster militias, those announced that did not have the means that would shoot down aircraft at this altitude.

A joint investigation group (SSG) under the leadership of the Prosecutor General of the Netherlands without the participation of Russia are investigating the circumstances of the crash, had earlier presented the interim results. The investigation claims that Boeing was shot down by anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk", belonging to the 53rd antiaircraft missile brigade of the armed forces of the Kursk.

As stated by RIA Novosti Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Nikolai Vinnichenko, the Russian side handed over to the Netherlands not only the data of the Russian radars, but also documentation showing that the missile SAM "Buk" that struck the Boeing belonged to Ukraine, and she was fired from the territory controlled by Kiev, but this information, the investigators ignored. In the first hearing, the prosecution acknowledged that it has received and is studying the data of the Russian Prosecutor's office.

The Russian foreign Ministry said that the accusations of SSG in the Russian involvement in the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing unfounded and regrettable, the investigation is biased and one-sided. President Vladimir Putin noted that Russia does not allow for the investigation of the crash of the airliner in Eastern Ukraine, and Moscow may recognize the results of the investigation, if it is to be meaningful. All rocket motor which showed the Dutch Commission for the investigation of the crash MH17, was disposed of after 2011, said the Ministry of defense of Russia. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has repeatedly stated that Moscow categorically rejects allegations of involvement in the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing.