The historian Sokolov has another lawyer

The accused in the murder of PhD student historian Oleg Sokolov has another solicitor, in connection with the October district court postponed the meeting until next week, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

On Tuesday, the court began its consideration of the merits. At the meeting it became clear that, in addition to Alexander Pochueva, Sokolov signed the contract for protection with Sergei Lukyanov, who had just joined the business.

"It's important for me to have my lawyer Sergei Lukyanov as quickly as possible acquainted with the evidence. Pray that it quickly admitted to it," - said Sokolov.

"Postpone the meeting for 15 June at 15.00 and satisfy the petition of the lawyer of familiarity with the evidence," announced the judge Yulia Maximenko.

It was planned that at today's meeting will be announced the indictment.

The loud crime has occurred in the night of 8 November 2019. According to the investigation, the falcons at home in St. Petersburg, shot and killed a graduate student and his lover Anastasia Yeshchenko of the circumcision hunting rifle, and on the night of November 9 decided to get rid of the body, dividing it with a saw and a handsaw. Morning random citizen pulled out of the river Moika historian, not keep his balance and slipped into the water in his backpack and found a bag with parts of the body. Eschenko and 63-year-old Sokolov lived together in the apartment of the historian on the Moika embankment, where investigators also found fragments of the female body. Sokolov confessed to the crime and the motive named quarrel with Eschenko.