In the Khrunichev Centre said, what's the benefit of the launch of the "Angara" East

Load capacity of heavy rocket "Angara" with the launch from the Vostochny cosmodrome is 500 pounds higher than located North of Plesetsk, this provides significant financial benefits, said General designer KB "salute" (part of the Center Khrunichev is the manufacturer of the rocket) Sergey Kuznetsov reporters in Moscow.

We are talking about the carrier "Angara-A5", but after upgrading to version "Angara-А5М" payload of the rocket will rise from 24 tonnes to low-earth orbit of up to 27 tonnes, said Kuznetsov.

The first launch of "Angara-5" to the East is planned for 2023.

"Angara" - a family of environmentally friendly carrier rockets of different classes. It includes light vehicles "Angara-1.2", medium - "Angara-A3", heavy "Angara-A5" upgraded "Angara-А5М", heavy duty vehicles, "Angara-А5В".