Yamal died two patients with coronavirus

Two men older than 55 years with confirmed COVID-19 died in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, said the Deputy head of the region Tatyana Buchkova.

"In Novy Urengoy, a man died 57 years. He fell ill in early may, for medical assistance for 12 days and was hospitalized with acute community-acquired bilateral pneumonia. Illness proceeded hard on the background of chronic respiratory disease and heart failure. The efforts of doctors not allowed to save the life of a man", - quotes the district operational staff words Buckaway.

She noted that the second patient with coronavirus, who died during the day, also fell ill more than a month ago and was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia.

"In Noyabrsk, after a long hospital stay and treatment the man died 60 years... More than a month he spent on the support of a ventilator. Unfortunately, his body has not coped with the disease," added Buckova.

Thus, the number of fatal cases of coronavirus in the region has increased to 13. In the whole region, infection was confirmed for 2833 people, half of whom have already recovered. According to oberstab, new cases on the Yamal Peninsula are increasingly recorded not among the shift workers on the oil fields and production facilities, as it was in April and may, and on the territory of settlements. The compulsory isolation in a district is valid till 14 Jun.

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