The authorities of Malta will issue to the population of vouchers for € 100 on restaurants and hotels

The government of Malta within the framework of measures to stimulate the economy after the outbreak of the coronavirus will give local residents a voucher for 100 euros to pay for accommodation in hotels, visits to bars, restaurants and shops, according to a Twitter account of the government.

"A voucher for € 100 to every resident over the age of 16. The money should be used in hotels, restaurants and stores, to help raise the local economy. Let's support our business," - said in the message.

According to local portal Lovin Malta, every citizen of Malta will receive five vouchers for 20 euros. Four of them will need to use to pay for hotels or restaurants, and the fifth - for purchases in stores. As reported, Prime Minister Robert Abel portal, four of the voucher can be used at the same time.

The government hopes that this measure will contribute to the development of local tourism in Malta.

Earlier, Abela said that the airports will resume from 1 July amid easing of restrictive measures, imposed because of the spread of coronavirus. Nevertheless, the authorities expect the fall in tourism because of the pandemic. In particular, sources in the government predict a decline in this industry, not less than 20%.