The RPF began to make payments to guardians of disabled persons, the elderly and children

The pension Fund of Russia began to pay funds in the amount of 12 130 rubles a month, guardians of the disabled, the elderly and orphans, reported the press service of the FIU.

"The pension Fund of Russia has begun payments to citizens, which from April to June this year, was taken on accompanied or temporary residence of persons with disabilities, elderly people, children-orphans and children left without parental care. According to the decree of the government of such temporary guardians are entitled to payment of 12 130 rubles a month for each person receiving care", - stated in the message.

Clarifies that the right to have payment of workers state and non-state organizations, which have undertaken to accompany, or temporary residence of persons with disabilities and the elderly from stationary organizations of social servicing, as well as for temporary accommodation of children-orphans, children left without parental care.

The FIU noted that the payment also benefits volunteers and other citizens who have taken temporary residence, including temporary custody, the disabled, the elderly and children from social service organizations.

"To date, the Pension Fund has already approved payment of 280 guardians. According to preliminary data, the total funds will be able to get almost 4 thousands of Russians", - specified in the RPF.

To obtain funds needed before October 1, submit an application via the state services portal, customer service of the Pension Fund of Russia or multifunction center. Additional documents are required: the right to the payment is checked against registries that is generated by authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation.