Lukashenko stated about the inadmissibility of lawlessness in Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, commenting on the election campaign of the President, said that "democracy is democracy", but lawlessness in the country should not be, and asked the officials to ensure law and order.

According to the Agency Sputnik of Belarus, Lukashenko on Tuesday held a meeting on the activities of government agencies providing national security. According to the photograph in the Telegram-channel "Pool first", at a meeting attended by the Chairman of the KGB Valery Vakulchyk, head of the interior Ministry Yury Karaev, head of the Investigative Committee Ivan Maskevich, head of the state border Committee Anatoly Lappo, head of the Ministry of emergency situations Vladimir Vashchenko, the speakers of the two chambers of Parliament and other officials.

"Democracy is democracy, but of lawlessness should not be. And never will be. You have seen in the United States, Western Europe, superdenomination state had treated the protesters. The main task of the state bodies providing national security to maintain stability in the country, to ensure law and order. What you need is the Constitution and the law," - said Lukashenko.

Elections for the highest office in Belarus is scheduled for August 9. Candidates are nominated 14 people, Lukashenko is running for a sixth presidential term.

CEC Chairman of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina said earlier that the current political campaign is the heaviest in the history of the country, due to a large number of violations at an early stage, including because of the individual candidates not of the pickets for collection of signatures and meetings in violation of the order of organization of mass events. First Deputy interior Minister of the Republic Gennady Kazakevich said that the situation in Belarus in the period of the political campaign is heating up seriously, however, the Agency has the necessary Arsenal of forces and means to ensure security.