MPC in the lake Pyasino after the incident in Norilsk normal, stated in the MOE

Samples taken in the lake Pyasino under the Norilsk showed that the performance of MPC, inflated after the accident at the CHP-3, returned to normal, told journalists the first Deputy head EMERCOM of Russia Alexander Chupriyan.

Earlier the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS has declared that oil after a spill of diesel fuel for Norilsk CHP was in a unique lake Pyasino. Also about the pollution of the shores of the lake reported in the regional Ministry of environment.

Chupriyan noted that the samples are taken every day. "Rosprirodnadzor performs the fences, moreover, the service of "Norilsk Nickel" carries out the sampling in the lake (Pacino – ed.). And if the number was in area four of the MPC, and now MPC normal. And other data don't have," he said.

According to the Deputy head of the EMERCOM of Russia, the movement of oil on water bond delay. The most effective of them all is the sea, but even they cannot guarantee complete tightness.

"To say that keep or do not keep... the bulk of course, they hold. To say that it is completely sealed, is naive, and I think even to the schoolboy it is clear that any way it is impossible to stop" - add Chupriyan.

One of the tanks storing diesel fuel at TPP-3 (owned by JSC "NTEK", a member of the group Norilsk Nickel) Norilsk may 29 was damaged in a result of the rapid subsidence of the supports of the Foundation, a leak occurred about 21 thousand cubic meters of fuel. Norilsk Nickel believes the main cause of the accident, the warming in the permafrost, which resulted in the movement of the supports under the fuel tanks. On the territory of the Krasnoyarsk region introduced a state of emergency at the Federal level. On Friday, the emergencies Ministry reported about the localization of the spilled fuel.